Seize The Day…

Assalamualaikum and hye everyone..

Alhamdulillah. I’ve done my one minute pitch. Sorry for being late. We’re struggling with our final exams right now. We are preparing ourselves for Educational Technology paper this upcoming Monday by reading the notes that we get. Hope everything will be fine later.. -_^

And This is our video.



The Real Edutechnovation Day (✿◠‿◠)


Finally the day has come. We were fully prepared as we don’t have much to do regarding our video. The only thing here is we hope that our video will help people to understand that our little actionts do effect our world. We came as usual and waiting everything to start. We saw many big hamper at the back and we thought “okay, some group will win something today..”

Before that, Kak Ana asked us if there’s anyone who would like to volunteer to make an invitation card. And none of us answering.. Hee.. Really2 sorry Kak Ana. We were so busy with other subjects and presentations. So Kak Ana said that every group must sent an invitation card and she will choose later. *inhale exhale

So, Kak Ana gave us time until 2 p.m. And we managed to completed it with the help from Ibu, errr Syakirah Syamimi from GG Creations. Although we completed it at 2.05 p.m with a very simple design, ours was choosen.


We were so happy when we know about it. And this is our card 😀


We sent the card.  But unfortunately, all of the lecturers are busy and can’t make time. So only our seniors who came that day.

We don’t know that we gonna got a gift for our video. And here’s the winner.

1st place: GG Creations
A  video about organ donations. Izatty and  me were extra for their video. Actually it is a sad video because it shows that a sister will lost her little sister because of heart failure. But we don’t know why, we were laughing while looked at it. 😀


2nd place: Ladies Production
Video about preserving Jawi


Last but not least: TRIPLE N,I
Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah.


Be in the top three have burnt our tiredness away. Alhamdulillah. Am glad and happy. We were screaming when Brother Fuad announced that we win. We learn a lot during this process of learning. I come to like IT even more. Most important thing is try to be patient and listen to others. Here is some pictures of that day.












Last but not least


Against The Clock.. Tik Tok


This week should be our Edutechnovation Day. But unfortunately many thing were still undone and we will have our real Edutech Day next week. So for this week, we still present our video, with slides in front of our friends, Dr. Rosseni and fellow facilitators. We came early and practiced what we wanna say during the presentation.

We got a good feedback for our video and poster. And Dr said “good acting ….”
That’s the only thing that I can remember and am happy because am one of the actresses.. Hiks :D.. So, we can take a deep breath and relaxes because there’s not much things to do next week.

For this week, I got a lot of notification from facebook group-Video Production UKM 3.. Everyone was showing their works but our group were not showing anything. That’s because we have not finished anything yet. Hehe.. As I could remember, only a day before we sent our posters. We were waiting patiently for any commets and when Mr. Hilmi said


“Great concepts. I like them all”

We were screaming like crazy.. It was the 1st comment. We were running out of time and really exhausted as we had a really hectic week, so when he said it was great we just can’t help ourselves. That comment really burnt our tiredness away. We also get another comments from Dr. Rosseni and Brother Fuad. And we glad that there’s only a little thing that we need to correct.

When we present our video, some interference happened but it’s okay. But when we look at video there’s something wrong actually. There’s a part which have no song. But we sure that we have edit that part. And Izatty was crying for a moment. She feels so frustrated.

As for this week. we really work very hard to make sure everything perfect. Still, things happened and we will checked everything again so things will not be the same. And here some pictures of that day. I don’t know that it wasn’t our Edutechnovation Day. Am a bit frustrated because I wore my prettiest clothes that I haven’t wear yet before. Hehe..

1503354_568248883250745_596131717_n 1505148_571914689550831_1177929281_n (1) 1515016_571917259550574_52209822_n

We after class.


And this is me 😀

No Caption…

Hye everyone.

My post this time, I couldn’t find any suitable title.
And the reason for that is because… Dr. Rosseni was angry with us.. *lari masuk bilik

At 1st I thought that Dr will scold us like anybody do. But actually she talked to us like a mother do. Very soft, very carefully. Maybe because she wanna treat us like an adult. And we touched. Apparently she seems like she frustrated with us because we didn’t do our reflection well. And I know who Dr talking about. Yes! Me!

And Mr. Hilmi said that after that week, it’s going to be very busy for us as we need to prepare ourselves for Edutechnovation Day. D-Day is coming. Time really flies and we were still not ready. We haven’t finish our video yet. Not to mention about the poster which we haven’t give a thought yet. So much things to do yet so little time that we have.


Thinking back about what Dr. Rosseni told us, I just can sigh deeply. I know I was wrong but still I do the same thing. Writing.. In a blog…. Was really not my cup of tea. Even since 1st semester we were asked to do a blog in particular subject. And I could say, I don’t like it. I am not great at expressing my thought. As for this subject I need to show what I learnt in every class. Am not a tech savvy person so what can I say in my blog. I tried my hard to embrace this subject. I like it because we have very helpful lecturer and facilitators but expressing my thought is still my biggest problems. And am sorry for that. 😥

D-Day is coming. Gear up. We certainly don’t want our effort this past few weeks become vain. I don’t know about other teams but our video still in progress. Mr. Hilmi said it’s okay but there’s always a room for improvement. Save the tears for later Mira. Lets get back to work.

Poster Time..

Holla fellas 🙂

This week, Mr. Hilmi thought us how make a poster using Adobe Photoshop. Part that I don’t like. Full of technical things.. We were using the older one but Mr. Hilmi said that it was good enough for beginners like us. So, I do this with Izatty and here is the result.


We change the colour of the picture to show the gloomy part and the fresh part of nature. Not really Impressive aite.. Hmm. And this is what Min have done.


Hail to Min.. A very nice poster especially the Leads part. And we were very happy to have Min in our group. Or else our poster will be the so dull and we will put many unnecessary things there.

To make a poster, it need creativity which I don’t really have. The poster shouldn’t be too crowded or else people can’t  see what we want to convey, the message that were nicely portray in the poster later. And we have a contradiction idea in our group because Min love something simple in white. As for me I love the uses of various colors as long as it is not too crowded. So we still trying our hard to produce the poster and not to mention the video itself.

1st Ever Midterm Σ(O_O;)

Well, hello there 🙂

As a Faculty of Educations’ students, we have never face a midterm exams before *hoorayy for us

But suddenly, in one fine day


All of us was like “whattttt.. midterm??”

We were in chaos stage as we haven’t been in ‘midterm’ situation before and most of us all I think were not prepared yet. So, the award for our procrastination habit is stay up all night long and do what we need to. Shooting, editing, finalizing the script and all.. Pheww..

So, alhamdulillah.. Even though I can see that all of us were look like zombie because lack of sleep, we managed to deliver everything well. As for our group, we’ve decided to acting in scene one, using typography in another scene with our voice in it. We still learning on how to use the software with youtube as our sifu. Or else we planned to modify the power point animation to make our ideas come true. We still blur but at least we already have a script, the things that we wanna convey in our video later.

This is a tiring stage. Tiring phase but am sure, we’ll learn a lot and one day later when our lecturers and facilitators satisfied and happy with our video, all of the tiredness will burn away. And although we know it, but we always do the same thing. PROCRASTINATION.
We hope that we can burn this habit or throw it away to Asgard but NO. The only way for us is change. Or else, we will always face the same situation, being a zombie.


Holla fellas 🙂

For this week. We learnt how to edit a picture using Adobe Photoshop. I like this part because I like to take picture and edit it. So learning this will help me to be a better  picture editor.. Unfortunately,I’ve forgot to save my work so I can’t show anything here 😦 *lap air mata

Using photoshop, we really need to listen carefully to Mr. Hilmi or else we will just hit everything on the screen and things will not work out. Happen to me actually. But then when Mr. Hilmi repeated again I finally understand how it works. I must say that using photoshop was full of technical things. Which I don’t really like even I love edit a picture very much. But that’s why we learn right. To know about something that we don’t know, something that unfamiliar to us 🙂

As for me, I only edit picture using photoscape or picasa before. It’s easier 🙂
but it have a limited features. I can’t change the background what so ever unlike photoshop. Before this, I always wonder how did people make banner for any programme. Now I know the answer. This thing will surely help me in the future. Not only in school but also in another thing that am in.

Make a Movie using Movie Maker

Assalamualaikum everyone and


So, this week, we learnt about movie maker. I have this software in my laptop but I’ve never use it before. When Mr. Hilmi thought us about it, I just realized then that we can do a lot regarding editing a video. We can change the song in the video with another song, change the mood and many more. And I just know about it! #sigh

Before this, I thought that movie maker is just a simple video editing software that don’t have many features in it. Certainly a wrong attitude of mine for judging something that I’ve never use before. So I learnt a lot during the class. Eventhough am not really into editing things because of the technical aspects which I don’t like actually I still having fun because  movie maker is not a complicated stuff. I learn easily with the help of the facilitators and my friends.

Chirpp Chirpp..

Hello fellas..

It’s holiday time.. Hoorayy!!


Just like the picture. I really want to go somewhere. Forget everything. Dive deeply. Care for nothing. Enjoy while it last..
That is what I feel at that moment until suddenly I saw an announcement by Kak Ana about online discussion on twitter.. Errr.. #sigh.. Okay.. So, as a good student I log in to my twitter and got involved with the discussion 🙂

So, here we goes..






As for me. am not really a tech savvy person. I am more comfortable  with traditional way. Which I think is better because when we teach face to face, we are not only delivering what we need to but we can also look into our students. Whether they give their attention or not, if not maybe something is wrong with them. Are they having any problem at school or at home. But, I also not a narrow minded person who will overrule any new things that come across my path. Of course students nowadays and in future are not the same with me 4 to 5 years ago. Things that am comfortable with mat not be suitable. And with technology in classroom will help me to cater all kinds of learners diversity.

Through this online discussion, not only my classmates took part in it but also few of our seniors. I can see that there are a lot of opinions.  Pros and cons everywhere. But I think that the most important thing before we establish this system at school, students must first well aware about dos and don’ts so that nothing bad will happen later. As for me, any ways that can help students to learn better for the sake of knowledge, am IN ! 🙂

우리가 어떻게 할거야 ???

Story board – DONE
Proposal submission – DONE

So now, what’s left for us is produce the video. But before that. Mr. Helmi tought us on several techniques on how to shoot a video;  panning, zooming which have give us a lot of idea on how to do it. And also, we presented about our proposal in the class and Alhamdulillah, it was accepted. 🙂

Through this process, we need to make a lot of research so that we get the picture of our video later. And also, in a group everyone has their own opinion. And for us to do job in harmony, we need to accepted all of the ideas and try to compiled it into one. We may not have the same ideas in mind and we tried to cooperate well with each other. This process thought me to be patient. to listen to others and forcing myself to come with a better ideas next time which I think is good for me.